Considering Adoption? Act 101: What is it?

Act 101 of 2010 allows for an enforceable voluntary agreement for continuing contact or communication following an adoption between an adoptive parent, a child, a birth parent and/or a birth relative of the child, if all parties agree and the voluntary agreement is approved by the court. The agreement must be signed and approved by the court to be legally binding.

A birth relative is defined only as a parent, grandparent, stepparent, sibling, uncle or aunt of the child’s birth family, whether the relationship is by blood, marriage or adoption.

This voluntary agreement may allow you to have continuing contact or communication, including, but not limited to:

  • Letters and/or emails;
  • Photos and/or videos;
  • Telephone calls and/or text messages; or
  • Supervised or unsupervised visits.

 If you are considering adoption and are interested in learning more about this option for a voluntary agreement, contact us to further discuss your rights and this option.