Looking for an amicable, less stressful way to divorce? Looking to be part of the decisions that will affect your families’ future? Divorce mediation is a non-adversarial alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Divorce mediation allows couples to resolve their differences privately and outside the court system. The mediator is a neutral party to this process, who is specially trained and works closely with both parties. Through mediation, divorcing couples reach an agreement to resolve various issues including, but not limited to, division of property, support, alimony and custody. More often than not, divorcing couples walk away from mediation feeling satisfied and the impact of the divorce is minimized on the family as a whole.

What are some of the benefits of mediation?

Preservation of family relationships.

The traditional divorce process inevitably destroys families and most often has long terms negative consequences for children. Couples who divorce using mediation have a better chance of preserving family relationships and minimizing the effects on their children.

Costs - Mediation can save you thousands of dollars

The traditional divorce process can be very expensive. It is not uncommon for couples to spend ten, twenty, thirty or forty thousand dollars on their divorce. Attorneys in the traditional process often act as hired guns. They make money by inciting controversy. The more controversy, the more often the couple is in court and the more hours the attorney spends on the case. Parties to mediation can save money. The involvement of attorneys is less as there are no court battles.

Additionally, the costs of mediation are less because the divorce mediated agreement is one that the divorcing couple reached together. The decisions are made by the very people who have to live with them and not by a judge or third party. Research shows that divorcing couples are more satisfied and there are less actions for contempt or for modification when the decisions are made by the parties. Thus, lessening the financial burden on the couple.

Divorce process is shorter.

The traditional divorce process can take years before resolved. During that time, the process can cause great stress emotionally, financially and otherwise. Divorce through mediation, allows the divorcing couple to set the pace. The mediator will assist the couple by facilitating their discussions, keeping them organized and working towards a comprehensive resolution. This allows the divorcing couple to set the pace at which they move through this process.


Divorce through mediation is private. The parties never discuss the intimate details of their family matters in an open court.


Through the mediation process, the mediator will maintain a controlled environment. The mediator maintain an environment that is courteous and respectful to all parties involved in the process.


Divorce through mediation allows a divorcing couple to decide their outcome. The divorcing couple comes up with their own compromises and the terms of their agreement to resolve their family issues. The mediator assists by facilitating the discussions between the couple and keeping the discussions calm and organized. The mediator will help the divorcing couple explore alternatives that they otherwise may not have considered and allow them to make compromises on matters they not thought they could resolve.

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