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Wills and trusts help you plan for the future and protect your family and finances

In short, a trust is a financial entity to protect your assets and a will is a way to record your wishes. A veteran wills and trusts attorney can help you draft these documents based on what your needs and wishes are. More importantly than the actual drafting of the documents is understand what you’ like to accomplish with them. We work to first listen to you, and then put together an estate plan that accurately reflects your wishes.


A will is a legal declaration of your intentions that you desire to be performed after your death. It takes effect only after your death. It can be detailed or generic. You can state how you want your assets divided, specify what type of funeral you want and how you want your remains handled. You can designate someone to care for your minor children or adult children who are mentally or physically disabled. You choose who is responsible for carrying out the terms stated in your will and settling your estate.

Wills are often a source of litigation and should be drawn to express your intentions in the simplest and clearest manner. Drafting a will demands care and competence. As your estate planning attorney, I will help you draft your will so that your intentions are simply and clearly expressed. I will guide you through the process of creating your will with knowledge, expertise and compassion.


A trust is a right in property, real or personal, held by one person for the benefit of another. It is a legal tool that may be used to put someone in charge of your assets, both money and property. The benefits of a trust include wealth management, reducing or eliminating estate taxes and avoiding probate court. There are different types of trusts to choose from, including:

  • Life insurance trusts
  • A/B credit shelter trusts
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Medicaid payback trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Trusts for minors
  • Trusts for young adults
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Revocable trusts
  • Asset protection trusts

The trustee (or person in charge) holds legal title or interest in the property. Thus, when you are deciding who to pick as your trustee, it is important that you consider several things, including who would be capable of taking on this responsibility? Who can you trust? Who would be able to handle pressures from other family members?

I take the time to get to know you, to listen to you and to understand your wishes and needs so that your estate planning documents will accurately reflect them. Together we decide which type of trust best suits you and your family’s goals and then I prepare a customized trust for you to your exact specifications.

Wills and Trusts Problem? We can Solve It.

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