Mediation Services

Other Family Mediation Services

Compared to a traditional, litigation-based approach to resolve your family legal problems, mediation is much more cost-effective, minimizes conflict and takes much less time. In the same way that mediation is a benefit to people seeking a divorce, other family law issues can be solved through mediation.

As a specially trained family mediator, Angela will mediation any issue involving families and or children including child custody mediation, co-parenting mediation, divorce mediation, and child support and/or spousal support mediation. As a mediator, Angela will work with families to resolve their conflicts amicably and cost effectively.

Child Custody Mediation

Child custody mediation is available and can benefit divorcing parents as well as unmarried parents. As a mediator Angela works with parents in addressing all child custody matters. Mediation offers parents a means to discuss, collaborate and resolve issues of custody such as physical custody schedules, holiday schedules, school and other matters affecting their children.

Co-Parenting Mediation

Mediation is available to parents that are already divorced or never married. It provides an opportunity for discussion and resolution of issues that arise in raising children.

Mediation of Parent / Child Conflicts

Conflict often arise between parents and children especially in families facing divorce. Mediation can be helpful to both parents and children to work through those issues that arise before, during and after divorce. As a mediator, Angela can help open the channels of communication between parents and children.

Mediation of Child and Spousal Support Issues

Divorcing couples and unmarried parents have an opportunity to address their financial support needs or obligations, including the amount and length of payments through mediation. Discussions can take place and decisions can be made through mediation about child-related expenses, such as extra-curricular activities, camp, and unreimbursed medical\dental expenses.

If you have questions about mediation, how it compares to other family law services and how Angela F. Stevens can help you resolve your family problems, please contact us today.

Mediation Problem? We can Solve It.

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