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The decision to adopt a child is an exciting one. It is also stressful and worrisome until the process is completed and your new child is coming home with you. If you are a birth mother who has decided to put your child up for adoption, you are just as anxious to ensure your baby is placed in a safe and loving home. I am Angela Forlenza Stevens, an experienced attorney serving the Wilkes-Barre area, and I can help guide you through the adoption process.

As a veteran adoption attorney, I am happy to bring birth parents and adoptive parents together to give a child a happy home and a safe future. Emotions can run high through the adoption process, having someone experienced on your side to make the legal process clear can help you manage the emotional element. Adoptions can require a great amount of patience, I will keep you informed and help you understand the legal process.

Different Types of Adoption

Open or Closed Adoptions

An adoption can be either open or closed. In an open adoption, the birth parents and the adoptive parents can interact with one another prior to the birth as well as after the adoption is finalized. An arrangement for adoptive parents to cover prenatal medical and living expenses can also be set up. In a closed adoption, there is no contact between the two parties.

Terminating Parental Rights

Terminating the parental rights of the biological parent(s) is the first step in the legal process of adoption. This can happen in one of two ways:

  • voluntary relinquishment (including confirmed consent)
  • involuntary termination

Once a decree to terminate parental rights has been entered by the court, the birth parent(s) no longer have any rights or responsibilities with regard to the child, including the notice of any adoption proceedings. However, until the rights of the birth parents are terminated by final order or decree of court, the rights of the birth parents are greater than the rights of the prospective adoptive parents. This is why the legal process is so important; even if the birth parents consent to the adoption verbally, they are still very much in charge of what happens until there parental rights have been terminated. Once the birth parent(s') rights have been terminated by the court, then the adoptive parents can proceed with the adoption.

The adoption process takes time and can be complex. It is important to have experience and a familiarity with the process on your side. I appreciate the emotional roller coaster that both birth parents and adoptive parents are on during these proceedings. If you are considering adoption, contact me to start the process. I will answer your questions and give you clear options for moving forward.

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