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Facing a divorce is not easy; but working with an experienced and effective attorney can help you understand and work through the process.

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Estate Planning

Build a strategic plan for your finances. An estte plan helps control where your money goes and can minimize tax consequences.

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Not every dispute needs to be heard before a judge in a formal court setting. Mediation can be a much more cost-effective and timely solution.

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The thought of going through a divorce is terrifying and exhausting. Stop. Breathe. Relax. It is going to be okay. You do not have to go through this process alone.

If you are contemplating or confronting divorce, you need sound legal counsel. Help, guidance and information will enable you to go through this process and come through relieved, confident and revitalized.

Divorces involve decisions and choices. The legal professional you choose to assist you through this process and how you utilize their help are decisions that can powerfully affect how your divorce moves forward. Understanding the laws that govern the divorce process and learning how to organize and structure your life can help to relieve some of the stress of divorce. Through this process, knowledge is power!

There are three different and distinctive legal options to resolve your divorce: litigation, mediation, and collaboration. Which legal option is right for you? Angela F. Stevens has extensive experience and will work with you to find the best outcome for you and your family. Angela takes the time to get to know you, understand what is important to you and uses her legal expertise and experience to solve your legal problems.

Traditional Divorce Process - Litigation

The traditional legal process for resolving marital differences is litigation. Litigation involves fighting out your marital differences in a court of law. At the Law Offices of Angela F. Stevens, we provide aggressive legal representation to our clients in high-conflict divorces and pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise and preparedness for this legal process. However, we also recognize that this high conflict process costs the family greatly in financial, emotional and psychological resources.

Lower Conflict Options for a Simpler and more Affordable Divorce

It is normal and expected that you and your spouse will disagree about matrimonial and family issues. If you and your spouse can be open, honest and work together despite these differences, you may be able to reach a resolution through an alternative legal process that will save your family in financial, emotional and psychological resources. Mediation and Collaboration offer a means to resolving your differences without the courtroom battles.

Mediation as an Alternative to Traditional Divorce

Mediation involves a process whereby you and your spouse meet with one or more mediators to discuss and ultimately resolve your marital issues. The mediator is a neutral party who works with both spouses and facilitates communication between the spouses on all matters that relate to the dissolution of the marriage. The mediator does not represent either spouse and does not give legal advice. The mediator is not a judge and does not make decisions or recommendations. The mediator works with you and your spouse to reach terms of an agreement that are acceptable to each of you. The agreement is one that is made by you and your spouse together. To learn more about our mediation services click here.

Collaborative Divorce Process

The collaborative divorce process is a very new process to Pennsylvania. This process permits spouses to work through issues involving their children, their financial future and their property using collaborative problem-solving techniques without ever going to court. With the help of specially-trained collaborative attorneys, spouses work together to achieve an agreement that addresses the interests and priorities of the couple, as well as the family as a whole. The collaborative divorce process requires that each spouse commit to resolving their differences without litigation. Collaboratively-trained divorce attorneys are not commonly available throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at this time. To learn more about our collaborative divorce services, click here.

The process you select for your divorce is unique to you and your circumstances. It is important that you are informed and understand the legal options available to you so that you may select the process that is right for you and your family.

The legal processes of litigation, mediation and collaboration are available options to resolve all family matters including divorce, custody and/or support and are available to married and unmarried persons.

Regardless of the process you select to resolve your marital differences, the grounds for divorce are the same. In Pennsylvania, actions for divorce can be based on fault or no-fault. To learn more about the grounds for divorce click here.

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In addition to our matrimonial and family law services, we offer legal assistance for a number of other legal problems including real estate law, estate law and estate administration, elder law, commercial and business law and civil litigation. To learn more about our legal services in these areas, click on the links below:

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